So much art, So little place!

We as parents and guardians of children, will know how much artwork they make. My two kids are constantly drawing, painting and colouring in pictures and Iā€™m running out of fridge and wall space to put it all. This is the perfect place to upload and save all their work and share it with the grandparents and for me to keep it for them to show their kids one day.

Parents & Guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians, please read our tips on how to keep your children safe on the internet. It is your duty to know what they are up to on Picture Pals and to know the people they are friends with.

Picture Pals – A Picture Paints a thousand words,

Picture Pals was created for the simple idea for children to make new friends from all around the world and send them and family their pictures that they drew or painted.
Many children cannot write letters yet and still many more around the world are illiterate and will never be able write letters or make pen pals, that’s were the idea behind Picture Pals came from, because a picture paints a thousand words we wanted to create a platform that would connect children from around the world and allow them to tell their stories with art.

The Right Time

With all that is currently happening in the world with the coronavirus, Covid19, now is the best time to stay connected and make sure kids grandparents and other family get to see their art, why not upload all your children’s artwork and share them with friends and family.